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2013-12-20Theme : Axial Fan Interface Feature

Introduction Description : 1. Rated voltage: the normal operation voltage of the fan (Voltage:Vdc) 2. The working range of voltage: normal fan operation voltage range. 3. Starting voltage: a minimum voltage for detecting the fan working or not. 4. Rated current: The corresponding current to the rated voltage. (Ampere: A) 5. ltage and current. (Watt: W) 6. Speed: the steady time of fan speed will depend on the different bearing types , even the same bearing is adopted, the steady time of fan speed will have some difference due to the different vendors. 7. Rotating direction: The position of PCB hall will be decided according to the rotating direction of the fan (counterclockwise or clockwise). 8. Air flow direction: The air flow direction of the fan. 9. Signal waveform:Sine squared wave (FG)、High and low voltage RD (Alarm) 10. Auto-Restart function: The function will make the fan reworking when the fan stops due to the unknown cause. 11. Lock Protection function: When some errors occur in fan and stop the fan, the excitation current may cause the higher coil temperature and burn the fan. The lock protection function will stop the function of IC driver and intercept the excitation current to protect the fan. 12. PWM control function test: To add the duty cycle at 25 KHZ to control the fan speed. 13. Soft Start function test: the purpose of the soft start function is to make sure if the time from fan stop to full speed meets the spec or not.
Attachment Download : DC fan interface feature-Eng.pdf