Innovation and Production

FCN focuses on researching cooling solutions and experimenting with new technologies that are different from those on the market, while offering products that reduce carbon emissions. We provide customers with comprehensive vertical solutions, encompassing everything from proposal design, early-stage R&D simulation analysis, sample production, small-scale pilot production, performance testing, reliability testing, to mass production manufacturing, and post-sales quality management, all supported by our professionals. In addition to pursuing innovative thermal design and providing multi-faceted technical and production support to our clients, all our processes adhere to environmentally friendly principles. We aim to offer exceptional products to our customers while considering coexistence with nature and achieving sustainable business practices.

Optimization, Professionalization, Stabilization

In response to the diversified development of products, Forcecon Group consolidated its internal research and development capabilities by establishing our R&D center in 2020. With the goal of becoming the best supplier partner for customers, the center focuses not only on optimizing existing products but also on dedicating efforts to the development of new products for global emerging markets.


The Forcecon Group R&D Center plays a pivotal role as the incubator for new technologies and products within the company. It integrates various research and development departments within the group, covering the development of thermal modules, fans, heat pipes, vapor chambers, slim vapor chambers, and related thermal equipment. The center aims to advance the technical and innovative capabilities of each unit, providing customers with superior thermal solutions. Simultaneously, it promotes opportunities for various industry-academia collaborations, contributing to sustainable planning and capability enhancement.

One-Stop Service

With original designs and tailor-made products that perfectly showcase your unique style, we are committed to providing a fully customized solution from design to mass production.

Special Patents

Our company holds up to 200 R&D patents in Taiwan, China, and the United States, including fans, vapor chambers, heat pipes, laptop modules, non-laptop modules, parts, and more.

Human Resources

Our R&D staff totals 350 across New Taipei, Zhubei in Taiwan, four major factories in China, and a factory in Vietnam. The educational background of our team includes 4% with PhDs, 22% with Master's degrees, and 74% with Bachelor's degrees.

Industry Experience

Among our R&D personnel in the thermal management industry, 15% have over 15 years of experience, 17% have 11-15 years, 23% have 6-10 years, and 45% have less than 5 years.

Product Applications

Our products and services span a diverse and broad range of industries, including automotive, energy storage systems, consumer electronics data centers, medical, networking, laptops, semiconductors, servers, mobile phones, and graphics cards.

R&D Equipment

Our company continuously invests in R&D equipment, including advanced testing devices, precision instruments, and simulation software. These resources demonstrate our commitment to enhancing the precision and performance of our products, ensuring ongoing technological innovation and development.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

We actively collaborate with government agencies and academic institutions through industry-academia partnership projects. These projects involve multiple research and development initiatives, continuing our investment in resources and technology to cultivate the professional talent needed in the industry, deeply integrating academic knowledge and practical application.